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    Digital Product and Content Designer

    On a mission to make your visual brand and content win hearts.

  • I team up with edupreneurs, coaches, and businesses to create custom design solutions that build audiences, attract ideal clients, and retain loyal customers.

    I am a digital product and content designer passionate about creating beautiful, engaging visuals that help communicate messages. I specialize in creating visual content that is both creative and effective. My designs are creative, thumb-stopping, and tailored to the client's needs. I have experience creating visuals for websites, social media, presentations, infographics, and more. My goal is to help brands reach their audience and communicate their message professionally and effectively. I take pride in my work and strive to deliver the best product for my clients. I'm confident that my designs will bring your content to life and help you achieve your desired results. Schedule a call now!



    Team B Design Dept.

    Digital Product and Content Designer
    June 2017 - Present (Project-Based)

    • Visual Branding for Social Media
    • Branded Canva Templates
    • Visual Content Creation
    • Digital Product Mockups
    • Custom Brand Illustration
    • Video and Motion Design

    Selected Clients

    21CL International

    Design and Events Support Specialist
    October 2015 — Present (Flexible)


    21st Century Learning International is an organization that focuses on providing educators with high-quality training in the use of educational technology by organizing conferences and seminars within the Asian region. The annual flagship conference in Hong Kong attracts more than 560 educators and senior leaders for two days of keynotes and seminars.

    • I am responsible for the design aesthetics reflected by the communications collateral generated for 21CLI (Banners, Posters, Social Media Graphics, Newsletter Graphics, Flyers, etc.)
    • Assists in setting up and maintaining 6 WordPress websites (company website, events, and other temporary program sites).
    • Provide onsite support in events, especially during the 21CLHK Educational Technology Conference, the leading professional development event for technology in education in south-east Asia. The conference is usually held in Hong Kong.

    Rigs and Gigs

    Digital Marketing Manager and Virtual Assistant

    March 2015 - June 2018


    • In charge of SEO tasks on the website and managing social media marketing to develop, implement, track and optimize the company's digital marketing campaigns across all digital channels.
    • Photo editing and graphic works using Adobe Photoshop and Canva Pro for website graphics and prints.
    • Maintained WordPress website
    • Handled administrative tasks such as quotation and invoice documents for rental services and sales, managing web analytics and updating the admin system.

      Digital Product Design

      Social Media Strategy

      Content Design

      Virtual Assistance

      Affiliate Marketing


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